Avocado Oil 250ml - French Artisan Oil LaTourangelle

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Avocado Oil 250ml - French Artisan Oil LaTourangelle


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Avocado Oil - French LaTourangelle Artisan Oil -

Avocado oil can be used the same way you use your extra virgin olive oil. But with a smoke point at 181 degrees it is very practical to use in the kitchen for pretty much any application. On salads or in a dressing, it contributes a hint of avocado flavour, and it is wonderful drizzled over slices of fruits.
Cook, bake, dress or simply dip, avocado oil will make it all. Avocado oil is processed on equipment very similar to those used to process extra virgin olive oil. The avocado pulp is first expeller-pressed usually using a centrifuge. It is then lightly filtered and polished, using another centrifuge. The result is beautiful, emerald green oil with high level of monounsaturated fats that will bring a delicious, light avocado flavour to your dishes.
Nutritional Information:

Average Quantity per 100g

Energy: 3700 kJ (900 kcal)
Protein : 0g
Carbohydrate : 0g
Sugar : 0g
Fat : 100g
saturated: 17g
Fibre : 0g
Sodium: 0g

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